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Every month, thousands of porn movies are made and put out on video. Of these, very few are made which acknowledge that women will be watching. This is in spite of the fact that couples rent or buy more than 50% of all porn movies.

There ARE female friendly porn movies out there, but you do need to know where to look. Porn Movies for Women has an extensive listing of some of the best porn videos available.

Candida Royalle was the first director to make porn movies specifically for women. Her Femme series first came out in 1985 and still sells well. Her most recent 4women film came out in 2003.

You may also want to check out the films by Veronica Hart, another female porn director who includes plenty of romance and plot in her films.

There's a whole genre of porn movies called "Couples Films" which are supposed to be female friendly. These offer mainly hetero sex with expensive sets and a plot. They often still follow a lot of male-oriented porn conventions, but they're good to get you horny and you won't find anything too offensive in them.

Hopefully in the future there'll be heaps more female-friendly porn movies.

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