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Male Strippers Remain a Favourite Girl's Night Out

Whether it's a bride's last night of freedom, a birthday party, or just a night out with female friends, male strippers remain a favourite for many women.

Most male strip shows offer buffed, handsome men dancing and slowly removing their clothes to rock music. The women are encouraged to drink cocktails and scream loudly. The atmosphere is rarely sleazy; rather, a sense of humour is vital, and laughter is common. While the female audience may be giggling, they're often secretly turned on by the display of male flesh.

In almost all cases, the male strippers never get totally nude. Sometimes this is due to licensing laws, which prohibit full frontal nudity unless in a designated strip club. But it's also because the tease can be far more powerful than the revelation.

Some of the more famous male stripper troupes have included the Chippendales and Manpower, however there are now thousands of smaller male strip shows operating in Western countries.

Women's ezine For The Girls recently published an article about an Australian troupe of male strippers, complete with photos from the show. The feature, on the revue Aussie Thunder, looks at a typical girl's night out. A highlight of the night was when Matt, the hot blonde one, did handstands on a table and poured a jug of water on himself. Lapdancing, it aint. You'll find the photos from this night, as well as exclusive videos of live male strip shows where the men get fully naked, at For The Girls.

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