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Nude Men

Nude men seem to be harder to find than nude women. Our society revels in the naked female image, but seems to shrink from showing men in all their glory.

For years it's been assumed that the male body was ugly, and that women didn't really want to look at nude men because "women weren't visual".

The internet and it's proliferation of porn has shown that women aren't nearly as visually shy as people thought. And women are looking to find nude men.

Photos of nude men often appear on gay sites, but it can be harder to find images of straight nude men. There are a number of porn sites created exclusively for women and these feature photos of naked men in large numbers.

Another aspect of looking at pictures of nude men is the erection. In many societies it's considered obscene to look at an erection. Censors consider it to be the dividing line between acceptable and illegal.

The problem is, women want to see men with erections. A picture of a nude man can be artistic, whereas a photo of a naked man with an erection is inevitably sexual.

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