Really Stupid Porn Photos

A collection of extremely silly and stupid porn photos

Porn can be so frustrating, can't it?

You can be happily checking out some dirty pictures, or watching a naughty movie, but too often you find yourself thinking... damn, this is REALLY stupid.

You'll do your best to enjoy the smut in front of you, and you'll be really turned on, but part of your brain is always thinking:

- Who on earth came up with this drivel?

- Wow, her fake tits are pointing in opposite directions!

- Why would a woman want to suck on a dildo?

- Oh my God, look at the nails on those lesbians. That's gotta hurt!

- Euw, that guy has a hairy back!

- How the hell did that chick get naked without taking off her shoes?

- She's gone down on him for 30 minutes... when is he going to give her a licking?

- Anal sex? Already?

- Oh for goodness sake... can the guy NOT come on her face, just once?

So many of us put up with all these bizarre porn traditions in order to enjoy adult material. But it doesn't have to be that way. There are some people out there who are working to make porn better.

I'm one of those people :) I run For The Girls, an adult site for women. All the content on FTG has been chosen to appeal to women, without all that stupid porn crap. If it didn't turn me on, it didn't make the grade.

At the same time, I thought I'd make this site, just to highlight some of the really stupid photos I've found while sorting through content for my site. There's some real dumb ones in there. So enjoy yourself!

For The Girls - none of that men's shit

At For The Girls, you won't find any of that nasty crap that seems to occur so often in porn. There's no facial cumshots, no disrespecting women, no behaving like a moron when it comes to sex.

For The Girls is all about creating a space for women to enjoy porn. It offers the kind of porn that WE want to see - naked men, and male strippers, and hot couples having real sex.

Plus there's an entire women's magazine so you won't be bored after you've put the vibrator away. There's erotic fiction, feature articles, columns, sex advice, interviews, news and fun and games.

If you're tired of trawling through crap mainstream sites trying to find something to turn you on... STOP!

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