Sexy Stories


Sexy Stories are always a turn on

Many women love sex stories. Erotic fiction remains one of the most popular ways for women to get turned on, and to enhance their sex life

The written word offers a larger scope for the imagination, and the end result can be a sustained sexual fantasy that can be called on again and again.

In sexy stories, impossible sex acts become possible, penises can be prehensile, vaginas infinite, sex drives overloaded and all bizarre and strange fantasies can come true.

A good sexy story will involve more than just a blow-by-blow description of the sex act. It must have decent buildup, and convey something of the frission of sex and passion. It needs to show characters interacting in a sexual situation, more than just what bit went where.

The best sexy stories stay with you long after you've read them.

A lot of the erotic fiction on the internet is aimed at men, and far too much of it has been written by illiterates. Sexy stories written for women can be found at For The Girls, where the exclusive fiction there has been written by the webmistress and selected guest authors.

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Sex Fantasy Stories

Article: Why are sex stories so popular?


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