Well Hung Men


Do Women Really Want Well Hung Men?

In porn, the well hung man is ubiquitous. Indeed, the primary indicator of male talent in the porn industry is the length of his penis. Looks and acting ability come a long way behind being well hung and being able to stay hard under pressure.

But do women really only want to see well hung men? Many surveys have suggested that penis size isn't necessarily important to women. They usually rate personality and earning capacity over being large.

Nonetheless, when searching for naked men photos, women DO sometimes seek out pictures of well hung men. It may be curiousity, it may be for a laugh, it may be simply to marvel at the sheer size of some men's cocks.

And some women simply find it to be a turn on. Well hung men do offer a promise of virility and manliness, even only on a symbolic level.

Of course, when it comes to actually having sex, a well hung man may not be a better bet. Some large-dicked men are too big to adequately satisfy a woman.

And in the end, it's the clitoris that makes all the difference to orgasm. So having a big dick isn't quite as useful as having a prehensile tongue :)

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